I am a visual artist, and modern adventurist who happens to be in love with weddings and capturing the emotions of people.  I am a peaceful, happy and open-minded being and I strive to keep a positive outlook on this beautiful life! 



Whether your wedding will be an intimate backyard affair, a destination celebration, or a sweet elopement, it is my absolute goal to capture loving and genuine imagery. I have been fortunate enough to be invited to countless weddings as the photographer and each one is as unique and special as the couple.  Traditional, modern, hipster, or progressive... and every fusion in between, my goal is to document this precious time in your life.  I’m also here to help give you a peace of mind with the planning process. I have plenty of advice to give about photography logistics, and am happy to share my knowledge and experiences with you. I want beautiful images just as much as you do and I give each wedding my heart, soul, full energy and creativity.


Clients get 100% commitment. Whether I’m providing portraits, a fine art underwater session, a stylized fashion shoot, or your unique wedding, 100%, 100% of the time. I cry with my clients, laugh with my clients, and dance along side them at the reception. Although wedding photography has come a long way since your grandparent’s albums, one thing remains the same. You are real and your connection is real. Capturing that raw emotion coupled with creative composition creates a legacy for your grandchildren to gaze at and get just as excited as the day you said “I do”.


Every client brings a unique and new canvas for me to tell their story.  I can't wait to tell yours, and be a part of the next chapter!




Where to Start

Let's start with coffee.


Or a bottle of wine, a craft beer, or cup of tea.

Regardless of your drink choice, the very first step is meeting each other.


You took your time in selecting the right partner for your life, you dated and asked the hard questions. Now, take that same care and thoughtfulness in how you choose a wedding photographer. Let's sit down and talk. Learn about photography styles and view some past client images, and share your own vision.  If we are a match, then you can buy the next round!




The engagement session is a priceless moment in time that is often overlooked.


The images captured might be best used for guest books, or slideshows... however I believe more importantly that it gives us a chance to grow together.


Just like that one moment when you finally said.. this is it. This other person is part of me. They understand my needs, and complete my soul.


That is what I want for us. I want us to be partners on your wedding day. By working together on engagement portraits you get a feel for how I work, and how your wedding day will feel with a camera around.


I want to see how you move, what makes you nervous, and what your real smile looks like. That way on your wedding day we have already established a relationship and we can skip ahead to focusing on you.

First Look

“What is the ‘first look’?” you may ask.


Well, I assure you that it is awesome!


Doing a ‘first look’ can be quite beneficial in many aspects, from capturing emotional moments of your significant others first time seeing you in your dress to creating a smoother flow on your wedding day. It’s a brilliant trend in the wedding world that I highly suggest doing. 


If you are more traditional and want that first look to be as you walk down the isle, then I suggest planning for a "no-see moment" instead. It is all the emotion, with a small private touch and connection time without breaking the traditional rules.


If you do select the first look, this also allows us to

take the wedding party portraits and most of the family group portraits before the ceremony! Allowing everyone to arrive at the reception quicker and get the party started! Who doesn't want MORE time with their guests? How awesome is that?

Design Your Day

Verte offers a variety of Wedding packages all per-designed and suited perfectly for today's busy bride.


However, we also understand that no two brides are alike and your wedding portraits shouldn't be either.


While we offer core packages, we are more than willing to add, change, and adjust the services and products with in each - or create something unique just for you in order to fit into your vision and budget.

Intimate Collection

Weddings come in all sizes. Intimate affairs are typically classified as under 50 guests, and 4 or less hours of coverage. We however, do not believe in downsizing our creativeness!

  • 4 Hours Coverage
  • 1 Photographer / 1 Assistant
  • Engagement Session
  • Edited Digital Images Included on Keepsake USB Drive ( 400- 600 images)
  • Private Online Gallery for Viewing  and Ordering Additional Products
  • Leather Album (20 pages)
  • One special surprise gift



I am Yours

All - inclusive Package, includes a full day schedule and all the key ingredients to showcase your precious memories.



  • 10 Hours Coverage
  • 2 Photographers
  • Signature Engagement Session
  • All Edited Digital Images Included on Keepsake USB Drive
  • Private Online Gallery for Viewing  and Ordering Additional Products
  • Custom Leather Album (20 pages)
  • One special surprise gift