Photo-Day Tips!


Plan your outfit the night before picture day! A clean and pressed outfit will create a beautiful portrait. Ironing the collar makes all the difference in close-up portraits!  Portraits are generally full-body so check your outfit from head to toe.

Choose colors that compliment your eye color and skin tone.  Don't be afraid to show off your child's personality.  While solid colors and small patterns are traditionally the best. If your kid is a rock star at heart -  there is nothing wrong with sporting a leather jacket!  Remember  kids like to have fun and be comfortable. If they don't normally wear dresses or ties, don't force them to wear one!

For School portraits be sure to follow your school dress code.


Wash your hair the night before so it will be clean and shiny. Practice new hairstyles and schedule all haircuts at least a week before picture day to avoid unexpected “Hairy” situations.

Smile/ Stress

Be sure to show off your smile! Do talk to your young children about what to expect during a portrait session, but don't over practice smiling!  Natural smiles are best, and we work crazy hard to connect with each child to create that moment. Missing or gap teeth and braces are part of being a kid! Celebrate where your child is in the moment, and don't stress over creating that "perfect" image. 


Kids naturally pick up on stressful situations, the more at ease the parent is and the more carefree - the more the child will be able to relax and play with us!

High School Seniors

Formal & Close Up


Professional portraits focus much of the attention on your face. Choosing the right clothing is an important key in achieving the best portrait. Clothing should reflect your personal style and we encourage you to wear what you would normally find in your closet.  If you, or your children don't normally wear sweater vests or dresses, wearing them for portraits wont look or feel natural! 


Think about your color tones, if your face naturally leans towards red tones, wearing a bright red shirt will enhance that, where choosing a cyan or blue top will work towards balancing and creating a more natural skin tone.  Keep the scarves to a minimum as they can often hide your neck and simply add bulk, but do up the other accessories such as earrings or a bold necklace if you want to add subtle interest.


For business, modeling, or high school senior head shots,  we suggest long sleeves  (if possible) to keep the focus on the face and not the arms. Spaghetti straps and tops that show bare arms and shoulders tend to draw attention away from the face and not look as professional. High school seniors should refer to their schools yearbook guidelines as some schools have very specific rules about what you may wear for the image submitted.




This style of portrait allows a larger variety of clothing styles and colors. Many of these will be a full body pose so be sure to complete your look with shoes and accessories that compliment your outfit. Choose clothing that represents your unique style and personality. Whites and pastels create a soft look while blacks and dark colors will create a more dramatic look. Some ideas are: casual jeans or shorts, a favorite jacket, sports or cheerleading uniforms, a formal dress or suit. Think about the unexpected, and contrasting styles. A formal dress can look amazing against the right graffiti wall! Our team of professionals will work closely with you when scheduling your session to create just the right feel to showcase your personality.




Bring outfits  and props that represent you. Be sure to tell us ahead of time if your a violinist, or football player so our photographers can stage the perfect image at your session. Bring any sports gear or outdoor equipment, musical instruments,  uniforms (sports, band, cheerleading, etc.), pets and friends are all great props. Remember to check all of your details, manicures, facial hair and accessories such as earrings, necklaces, belts, ties, shoes, and class rings. Be creative and have fun!