Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view my Images

Images taken are uploaded to view online in secure galleries in most cases. Simply log into your gallery using the URL that your photographer has given you.

Be sure to type the password correctly, it is case sensitive!

How do I order my images?

To order images online:

  • Select an image you want to order by clicking on it. The image will magnify in your screen.
  • Select the "buy now" option that appears in your screen at the top
  • A shopping cart pop up will appear. In that box your selected image is at the top, then there are options such as "prints" "packages" and "other" that show as a grey tab and below that is the active tabs options. You can scroll down for additional options.
  • Find the product you wish to order and left click.  The product description (if there is one) will appear to the far left. 
  • Select the quantity of that product by clicking the + sign.
  • Select other products you would like from that same image by continuing the scroll and click process
  • When you have made your final selections from that image, you may click keep shopping or view cart to check out.

How do I pay for my order?

In the checkout screen:

  • Verify your products are correct in your cart. Then select "check out"
  • Complete all billing and shipping information
  • You may add coupons in the field on the left side of the screen if you have one.
  • Apply note to the seller is where you would add any special instructions : Such as your child's name, team, or group information if you are ordering an item to be imprinted such as a memory mate
  • Continue by hitting "next" to complete shipping and payment options

What are my shipping options?

Unfortunately our system does not allow us to select specific shipping options per gallery. You will see ALL options available to our clients. Which means some options may not apply to your situation.


If you are a regular portrait client - you may select to pay for shipping direct to your home, or to pick up at the Verte Studio in Westminster.


Groups, Sport groups, and Schools  are often are given the option of a drop delivery date. This varies per school. Typically orders placed within a 2-3 week window of when the group images were taken will be delivered back to the school or group to distribute on a set day. If you are not sure if your school or group has the option for drop delivery - you can check the NEWS section of your gallery. That first tab always has current information regarding ordering / shipping options for you. 


Once you have missed the drop delivery date - you will still be able to order. You will simply have to pay for shipping or make arrangements to pick up at our studio.