Verte Philosophy

People always ask, "Why Verte? How did you come up with that name?"

Verte is the feminine form of Vert meaning green in the French language.  It is a constant reminder to always think and shoot in a classic, timeless and stylish way, because the French culture ties those concepts together in my mind.  While the green reference  speaks to my  philosphy itself...  organic, natural and as close to earth friendly as possible, not simply in the style of my work, but in the choices I make daily as a business owner.


Verte is founded on the core principle that being green matters.


Growing up in the photography industry, I know first hand how the silver halide prints of yesterday and the chemicals used to produce them have been used, and disposed of. I see how many of those around me in the industry are living in a disposable world. I simply refuse to follow that concerning and traditional trend. I select everything from my equipment, to props and backgrounds, and even my lab and print options are based on that one big question... How earth friendly is this?


Is it Verte?

Our Photographers


A Moment.

A day in your life, or perhaps even one hour.

It's about who you are right now.

It's about the small details, from the newborn babies toes to all the fine wrinkles you've earned.

It's about capturing that emotion and that single moment that tells everyone who you are.

Right now.

I believe that an image tells your authentic story, but

it's not a portrait until you can hold it in your hand.


Nothing gives me a greater sense of joy than seeing my images decorate someones home.

It's the best compliment you can ever give me.


Once the cake is eaten, the balloons are popped and the guests have returned home,

the only lasting parts of the day are the emotions that you felt, and the photographs that captured it all.


Allow me the joy of  capturing those memories that will bring the emotions of your most honest moments back for decades to come.

It's what I do best.


Candy is a seasoned photographer with over twenty years in the industry, specializing in portrait, event, and product photography with a style consisting of vibrant organic  imagery, while staying honest and Eco-friendly. Operating a client-focused business she is dedicated to offering artistic portraits that will become treasured keepsakes. Candy believes that great creativity is often the result of reducing client stress and creating a relaxed environment.


My Vision


My vision is to give the gift of portraits, that can be cherished throughout generations.


To me, this is a priceless keepsake and a great opportunity.




Since no one person is the same, the adventure and thrill is to find the right style.


I will strive to get in the moment with you, leaving behind photos of the unique you.


I believe the best picture will show your true personality.




My imagination and creativity become your reality.





My passion is to capture a memory that may eventually be forgotten.  To look at a picture and once again feel the same emotion you felt that day.  To make your heart flutter when you look at the day you married the love of your life.  To make you weep joys of tears as you look at your graduating child’s 1st birthday pictures. These are life moments to cherish.



Our lab is  FSC(r) certified and uses post -consumer recycled waste paper. and waste recycling printers. Their commitment to our environment marks this professional lab as one of the most environmentally friendly on the market, and why we choose them.

Smart Packaging

Our packaging and shipping materials are made

from recycled materials and are bio-degradable.

The large majority of our packaging is provided by a locally owned company, that we highly recommend  Eco-Enclose.


Verte takes pride in recycling, reusing, and re-purposing our props. Many are purchased from antique or resale shops and then we add our own flair to them. For more information on our Eco-friendly practices, please contact the studio.